Pandora's Box

by St. Kelly

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released August 20, 2013




St. Kelly Vancouver, British Columbia

I like music with intensity. I lean towards darker sounds. I love powerful melodies, I live for powerful rhythms. I like things tribal and sexy. I like things that look, sound and feel like magic.

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Track Name: Lone Wolf
grow up, grow up,
what's that all about
I been onto somethin' different since a youngin' runnin bout
they were practicing for the big day that never come
but every day's that day, it's hard to realize for some
I guess this lifestyle just can't be sustained,
need a lot on the bottom for the top to be maintained
I'm a rebel, I refuse to be enslaved
I love to work, I love my work, but I don't love their dirty way (no!)
I told them that practise makes perfect and it's worth it
but perfect is irrelevant, they're doing it for the hell of it
cowboys'll knock over saloons,
I stay meticulous, especially at the high of noon
10 steps, draw, and wipe em like an Etch A Sketch
sketchy sketch, sketchy sketch, let it rest
sleepin' dogs lie, dreaming of their next meal
trip, and they'll be on your heel, ill
diggin for bones, in your bloody flesh
backyard (backyard), trademark, garden fresh
burial stones, when will we see this garden's hexed
flew high, too high, comin' down is next

If the food ain't on the fire,
then I'm still on the hunt
watchin' every movement;
the moon is like my sun
water, water will only take a man so far
if I don't eat tonight,
I might not get the chance tomorrow
lone wolf
lone wolf

people are strange, but I don't let it bug me
you got the good, the bad and the fuckin' ugly
it's like I need the love, but won't let em touch me
I'm sure you can relate, some predicaments are funny
it's not above me, to do some low things
pitch black in the coal mine, canary wings
there he sings, the last song don't last long
but it echoe from the tundra to where the grass growin'
sarsaparilla, gas mask filter, copper badge,
wild horses kick their heels up,
my bones, they feel stuff, feel that it must be near,
before the dust can clear, I'm gone like I wasn't there
musketeer, canteen, soldier gear,
my roll is clear: til nightfall, hold up here,
I move mountains, mountains in the silent night
peyote sunrise, wild life

Track Name: Summertime Dreamin'
ooh, beamin' down the highway
summertime dreamin'
makin' money my way,
somebody tell 'em "stop schemin"
anything I want I can have
all my girls lookin' bad,
haters lookin' mad,
and me, I just laugh
I ain't never lookin' back

to the sky and beyond!
I got love in the purest form
no cut, pretty face in the mirror, you're gone
girl, what world are you really from
and that dress is exquisite, do you mind if I lift it?
I'm playin, I'm playin, I'm just a little lifted,
BC got the best, lemme hit it
to the left, to the left, come get it
my life is wild, I like your style,
we should kick it, kick it for a while
everybody need good people in their life
who act a lil bad just for the night, damn right


fresh mojitos, out in Cuba for the weekend
hold my phone, I'm goin straight into the deep end
remember, remember how we used to sneak in
now we own the club, can't even begin//
to show my gratitude, I been lookin
forward to looking back, it's true, hey we almost through,
pull another case up out the cellar, will ya
we gonna beat this case, Cleav, nothin else to tell ya//
wrong place on the wrong day,
a little faith go a long way, tonic with the Bombay,
lemon slice with squeeze, if you please
hot day beneath the trees, it's a breeze

oh, I'm a get it,
go getters get it
party hard and still puttin' in work
no, I don't sweat her
that's how I get her
seems strange,
but that's how it work

Light it up, light it up
Pour it up, pour it up
Light it up, light it up
Pour it up, pour it up
Light it up, light it up

whatcha know about it
smoke by the lake,
cold drinks on deck
lotta skin showin'
it's all love
and it's all on me today,
all night too
soak it in
let it ride out

some memories last forever
Track Name: I'm Here Now
You could clean the pavement with this stuff, man

eat your words and weep,
the city been mine since they heard me speak
you want money? come work for me,
I'm on that old school shit: don't work for free
self centered? nah, I just don't like distractions
she had me in the bathroom, missin' in action
true, we was gettin' some action,
but her capacity is a fraction of what I got to give
toe tappin' to rappin, sure, throw that in
I do it all homey, and I'm not at all lonely
so don't call on me 'less I'm really needed
same with you, shorty, not unless you really need it
right, like that's gonna fly,
I gotta regulate, work and play
I'm on my grind like a skateboarder, hey, hey
shiny trucks on the curb, man fuck what you heard,
I'm here now

hands up, ladies and gentlemen
wave 'em back and forth, somethin like a pendulum, hey
I'm here now,
I'm here now
get 'em up, high as the cost of livin'
feel good, that's positive livin'
I'm here now
I'm here now

united we stand, divided you fall
flat on your face, I put my foot down, flat in your face
a couple rats in a race, goin' nowhere
doped up like animal testing, am I supposed to care?
I'm not an activist, just an active kid,
used to have time hands and spend time with my mans,
but he ain't tryna understand what this grind demands,
I'm all in it, hot like frying pans,
when you cookin' with gas, who could front, man, look at that ass
see I don't fuck wit ya'll bitches, only fun, smart, hot bitches
really women that's not bitches, ya got my love
you got, got my love
I'm a humble dude, but act dumb and rude
these babies catch feelings cause my jokes are priceless,
everything else, there's MasterCard
I shake money out these crooks like I passed the bar


Outro x2:
you got my love, you got got my love
you got my love, you got got my love
you got my love, you got got my love
keep it real, keep it real
Track Name: Pray It Never End (Feat. Nic Cleav & Juvi Dizzle)
[St. Kelly singing]
We're gonna get it

[Nic Cleav]
ridin' with my perfect bitch,
shout goes out to Kanye
shout goes out to Wiz,
faded off of that Bombay
just got off the plane,
we in Argentina
I just popped a molly,
I need some Aquafina
these strippers swoop so low,
call it daddy problems
take a trip out to LA
cause you know Cali's poppin'
g-g-gotta get it, that's just how I do it
I don't need no friends,
unless it's benefits included
I'll take you right to my street
show you right where I live
even let you meet my neighbours,
and all the love that they give
yeah, I'm pretty fly,
for a white guy
pop a few of these and it'll make the night fly
I let 'em know, they hardly knew
and when it's over, I just pray that God parties too
girls out in Columbia,
call my boy Filipe
tell him I need a translator,
I don't really know what she say!

[Chorus: St. Kelly]

[Juvi Dizzle]
Hello, how you doin'
Juvi, motherfucker
upstairs, in my room got bitches feelin' on each other
pour a cup of liquor, roll a blunt my nigga
this is how I'm livin, it feels good to be the victor
so I'm gonn hold it down, to the haters throw my deuces up
knew I'd be the greatest if I learned just how to loosen up
I was born to make it, all my life I been struggling
said I ain't ever frontin' cause I keep this shit 100
no, I keep this shit one thousand
raised in metro housing,
now everywhere we go it seems like every one surrounds us
fuck who ever doubt us, you can't do it how I did it
left the hood, the hood ain't left me, I ain't gotta be specific

[St. Kelly]
every night, different city, I keep em waitin
smoked out, dialled in, I'm meditatin'
work, work, work, girl you been patient
I see it in your eyes, you need a vacation
star gazing, day dreaming, fake bitches, they stay schemin'
I'm an earner, money burner, paper planes
say my name, say my name
me 'n them, we're not the same
I encourage you to look though, have a good look, hoe
I'm a good look, no? what the fuck would you know
I do it big, Sumo, swish, free throw
shoot 'em through the peep hole, good, bad, evil
stuntin' like Knievel, they watchin' like a peep show
my melodies are lethal, my hooks are like the needle
turn this dope money, into somethin' legal
you look real sharp: eye of the eagle
girl, I'm super hard, come, come n' join my freak show


Ain't nobody do it like us
Track Name: Dream Wide Awake
[Intro singing]
tonight I made wish
not a star in the sky, though
what I'd do to live,
so high up above the clouds (so high, so high)
in the depths of hell

[Verse 1]
I feel trapped, but I love it in a sick way
finding comfort in discomfort, that's what gets me
no cushion where I sit, wouldn't take a sick day
cause there's no sick pay, much less a dental plan
nah, I don't own it, it's just a rental, man
so ya'll ain't gotta ask, like every time I pass, right
all you're doin' is showin' your insecurity
I show it too, but not in an insecure way
do you know what I'm sayin? I'm too honest for this life,
some people don't appreciate it, and I know sometimes they're right
a lot of things, I can settle though, without a fight
and I'm a lover, I mean, man, I lay the pipe
I like a smart cookie, with that good brain
few and far between, but I got good aim
top sponsor, double-entendre
my shit goes deep; I just let these bitches ponder

sometimes I wish, wish, wish
I could trade it in,
but I'm so committed to this life that I'm living,
cause I can't miss my chance,
I don't got many options,
there must be a mistake
I swear, I dream wide awake,
it's so real

[Verse 2]
build the team up, improve where I lack
we're all laughing in the studio: memories, that sorta crap
man, before I'd ever sung a double on the track,
still, I was tryna turn a couple notes into a stack
I find it funny how these paths parallel each other
it's Rap At Your Own Expense now, like no other
my partna Bils is in, facing his time,
I write him letters, he write back, say he's doin' just fine,
but it's more complex than that, those Fed years
take a tole on your soul, and there's no comin' back
they call it rehabilitation, but all I ever seen it turn good people mean, and they come out full of hatred
hey, I'm so passionate, about this music shit,
I give it everything I got, and it cost a grip
everyday, I swear man, it's all I know
I just follow the light, rain sleet or snow


[Outro singing]

so real, oh it's so real
take your breath away
why did you bring me here,
and leave me all alone?
Track Name: Top of the World
livin' the way that I do,
it's hard to want somebody new
everything that I want, it's been you
crazy times, love saw us through
baby, how you look in my eyes
I see what you want, it's never a surprise
that's how I like it a lot
baby girl, see you at the..

Top of the world,
that's where I am when you get on
found you and told them to get gone
got me open
lately it's just so nice to be along for the ride
I see your face shine
and my pride, it goes through the roof like it should do
whatcha need, I'm the one to look to

yeah, I can hold it down
have a look around from up on this cloud
take you where you need to go
that's about all you need to know
'cause you can do no wrong in my eyes
just look at your smile (oh)
curves from your tummy to your thighs, (thighs)
Coca-Cola bottle, oh my god
baby is so surreal,
the way her hot looks could kill
cracked the code on sex appeal,
and still so down to earth; she's real
always on some shit I can feel,
tight fit in somethin' ill, steal the show (show)
feel the glow (glow)
I break her off somethin' "whoa" (whoa)


what's the deal,
I came through, get the tail
same regime in the jeans, she fit as hell
in the ride, top's off, kiss the bride
gettin' off like you just arrived, step aside
one day.. one day I realized,
that you gotta sacrifice;
they had my back for a price
sometimes, someone just got your back and it's nice
I feel that from you, ma
especially tonight.. dope


Top of the world,
Girl, that's where you take me
when you let me do the things that we do
Track Name: Crazy World (Feat. Bils Rayoe)
man I swear we don't even think,
the things we can do and not even blink

beat up loud, I ain't tryna hear
nobody gettin' through and it's kinda clear

[Bils Rayoe verse]

it's a crazy world,
Jeezy said it, and I can feel him,
not on the track, but how I'm livin'
everyday, same shit, with no pot to piss in
complain to the world, but don't nobody ever listen
I ain't selfish, I just want a piece,
piece of the pie at least,
tell these fake broads peace,
tell them cops get off me,
enough to get my baby something special,
something crazy, somethin' good,
something keep him outta trouble, out the hood man,
bad memories haunt me in my sleep,
and in reality, I keep the weapon in my briefs
I beg you not to try me,
I'm not a cheerleader, ain't tryna catch a body, nah
so tell them fake guys bye-bye,
if you tryna survive, it's high-five
man, we hope that we gonn make it big (make it big)
and that is just the way it is,
life is schoolin' us and we subjected to some crazy shit


[St. Kelly verse]
guess it's just not my day to bounce back with somethin witty,
I'm dictated by a mood that some would say is shitty
I'm tryna shake it but, it's comin with me
I guess if I can't beat em, I'll join em, let's roll the sticky
I keep busy though, cause idle hands' the Devil's tools
and grandma said those wild bands are some devils too
I shoot that Led Zeppelin straight into my veins
Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You, or we'll just stay the same
tough as sugarcane, I'm not afraid of change,
I left her in the summer time, dancing in the summer rain
and freedom's only in the mind, in the heart,
that's where it end, this where it start
the distance isn't far apart, six degrees of separation
with Mozart and Da Vinci gone, what's innovation?
circuit boards, buzz words and marketing?
one breath of water's all it takes, a person starts to sink

[chorus x2]
Track Name: I'm Your Boss (Feat. Young Kazh & Bils Rayoe)
[Young Kazh verse]
niggas and bitches alike, needa get it right
pimp pathetic, nigga, you need some better hoes
I got my shit handled, boy you needa set some goals
Louis kicks: lil brother hand-me-down clothes
yeah, somethin like a boss, nigga
9-11 Fahrenheit, that Porsche, nigga
yeah, left lane, right lane,
David Blaine pipe game, long as I make the plane
shit, got a flight to Taiwan, a lil Hennessy,
a blunt and a bong, Cheech & Chong
baby peelin' outta her thong, Who Dat Nigga, girl?
jheri curl never, but I pimp forever, yess
so fresh, so clean, like Andre & Big Boi,
you get what I mean? bullet!
yeah, reverse, replay
NY to LA, my nigga, it's all day

[chorus: St. Kelly]
hey, boy, what you say? I'm your fuckin' boss!
hey, girl, what you sayin? I'm your fuckin' boss!
hey now, what you say? I'm your fuckin' boss!
there's nothin' left to say.. I'm your fuckin' boss!

[girl singing]
the strings on a puppet
pull from above it
slave to the beat of the drum
prisoner to the voice

[St. Kelly verse]
I'm just a real swell guy, love to have fun
smile everyday and I rarely need my gun;
love conquers all, I'm at the Monster's Ball,
pin stripes and suspenders, how some mobsters roll
nah, I ain't date the prom queen, we just fucked a lot,
until she fell in love with me and I was, "aw, fuck off"
I can't help how you feel or think,
my bitch soft as a mink, plus her coochie never stink, Whatup!
so I don't play around,
I get money, come home and lay it down
navigate the atlas; I know my way around
from the city to the jungle, you know I got to town

[chorus: St. Kelly]
hey, boy, what you say? I'm your fuckin' boss! (I'm your boss!)
hey, girl, what you sayin? I'm your fuckin' boss! (you too, bitch!)
hey now, what you say? I'm your fuckin' boss! (figure it out!)
there's nothin' left to say.. I'm your fuckin' boss! (roll with us!)

[Bils Rayoe verse]
somebody tell 'em what the boss about,
of course I deport niggas when I spark it out
a mean nigga, supreme nigga,
tight ass jeans, you Billie Jean, nigga
pull the heat, make you feel the steam, nigga
yeah, I'm like a God to ya, body ya,
think you outta ya mind, I blow your mind outta ya
bitch nigga, man up, stand up
call your crib tryna talk to your bitch, and I'm gonna answer (hello)
yeah, you lil yuck motherfucker,
a couple hours ago you was a tough motherfucka,
a rough motherfucka,
but now you on your knees coppin' pleas,
like I wouldn't buck, motherfucka
call ya man up, like he gonna help ya
like he wouldn't scream "Oh shit" when I melt ya (Oh shit!!)
any given day, I'ma damage ya
break your fuckin legs; let's see you step outta character

Track Name: She Can Have It (Feat. Azy Kardo)
she can have it, anything she want
baby girl, gwan do dat dance again
dutty wine and dat ting me like,
she can have it, she can have it

move yuh waistline, to di bass line
when yuh hear dis ya tune, dat a dance time
keep yuh head high, kill dem wit it know
yuh a nuh hoe, gyal, tell dem weh fi go
cause yuh a show stopper, yeah, yuh a road blocker,
look how yuh body jus a mash up di place mama
yuh a nuh window shopper, yuh clothes dem always proper,
yuh get it fi yuh self, yuh nuh need nuh helper
independent woman, yeah a so yuh a go through,
that's why nuff man 'fraid to approach yuh
girl, give me a chance, girl give me a dance
if yuh put me on, guarantee me get yuh off
put a ring pon yuh finger, I will give yuh half
put a ring pon yuh finger, I will give yuh half
(half? half?)

step pon di floor dem look (she can have it)
freak inna di sheet and cook (she can have it)
food fi di mind, read book (she can have it)
gyal tief mi heart, she a crook (she can have it)

she can have it, anything she want
baby girl, gwan do dat dance again
dutty wine and dat ting me like,
she make it so I can't say no

St. Kellyyyy

back up, back up,
gimme space to move
riddim shake the room,
yeah the place the gonna move, get up!
small island livin, the pulse of the city
I bring the party with me,
hot gyal, come n' get it
this is the year for us,
the water rising up,
I take a swim in the face of Death, bust a nut!
drink, drink, drink til the well run dry
these girls gone wild, they love my style
get low, low as you can go
just so you know, I had no choice,
I had to flow, I have this voice
savage boy, badman toys
fashion, choice, pretty girls, my vice
bad habbit, gotta have it
followin that white rabbit
booty slappin, so good when I smack it
move like magic, she can have it!


girl, you look like you know a thing or two,
I like it
let go, let's flow, you do what you do so natural
I'm captivated, captivated


she can have it all
she can have it all
she can have it all
she can have it all
baby, you can take what you want
and I got what you need
Track Name: Walk Away (Feat. Bils Rayoe)
[Verse 1: St. Kelly]
not a scratch on the surface, laugh on purpose,
so busted up on the inside, my ink dried,
dip the quill and how the ink cry,
blotted mess on my page, haven't rested in days,
and I feel, it's time for our therapy session
the doc asked am I aware of my blessing?
you mean the gift and the curse?
nah, yeah, I got it the worst, God, and it hurts
but I'm so committed,
couldn't know, know until I really did it,
I really live it, really vivid,
and every past decision I still live with
I get lifted to rest my brain,
slowly fill up my whole chest, then drain [exhale]
and whenever I got questions again,
drugs aren't the answer, but they lessen the pain

[Chorus, St. Kelly singing]
I sit down on the bench and I stare at the sky
where do I go, say it ain't so, oh it's a lie
(go on walk away!)
got a new pair of wings and I'm wanting to fly
but how can I go, say it ain't so, oh tell me why
(go on, walk away!)

[Verse 2: Bils Rayoe]
man, I'm lookin' in the mirror, I'm tryin' to smile
but my image ain't smilin' back
I see a heartbroken fella, he's about to crack
pistol in my face, it's about to clap
it's about a wrap (nah!)
fuck anybody tryin' to tell me that
I ain't beggin for no tears and I ain't lookin' for no pitty
move at my own pace, don't need nobody with me
'cause in my grave, you ain't comin' with me, uh
my head touch the ground when I pray that you forgive me/=
and when I close my eyes I see grandma smiling at me
is she proud of me? is she lovin' my courage?
how I go and get it if I really want it
the youngest of all carried in your little stomach,
but yet my attitude is like fuck it, so rugged
hand on my nuts, tell the whole world that I'm c-c-c-comin'
8 miles and runnin, I ain't scared of nothin!

Track Name: Caged Bird Blues
it's funny.. still, I'm wishin' I could explain it better

[Verse 1]
roll one up and light it,
pop another oxy
I'm at the point nothin' shocks me; so sedated
I ask myself, "Am I supposed to hate it?"
I'm here now, "Was I supposed to make it?"
feel like I'm nowhere, yet I'm supposed to fake it
totally faded, dreamin' in the king's robe, and woke up naked
I don't do this for the critics, but I suppose you'll rate
that's the way it goes when you play it for folks,
otherwise I just keep it to myself, and I mostly do
so just keep it to yourself when I mosey through
you think I'm dozy, do you? ha.
sharp as a tack, pull out of nowhere like I was parked in the back
this is just another market I've tapped,
I'm not your average in the market of rap,
I'd go on, how it's garbage, it's crap, the bigger part of it's wack
not my motto, but hey, you gotta play to win the lotto, follow?

[Verse 2]
some people don't listen, they're just hear to talk
all eyes on them, like I care to watch,
man stop.. look, and listen
I lived with nothin' but my music and a pot to piss in
and that old tomato can I was not gonn shit in
so how I'm supposed to eat when I couldn't complete the damn cycle
prayin' I achieve and don't repeat that cycle,
I'm just not like you, that's the truth
though sometimes I fear that I'm wrong
I've seen and lived everything you hear in my songs
there's nothin' like it, man, there's nothin' like it
my words are like nobody before,
to overcome the struggle, though, that's what they adore
without that, it's just talk, and talk is cheap (real cheap)
so much of it, you'll go broke if you buyin' it up
learn the language, it'd be nothin' for you findin' a buck

[Verse 3]
hmm, lookin' at this big picture, Mona Lisa, I'm with you
but which way are you lookin,
I got too many recipes cookin; I like to mix things up
but it's gettin' to the point I just mix things up,
gotta get to the point before I mix things up,
light a joint, like that'll fix things up
nah, but it might lift things up
I'm sayin, it's gettin' hard to carry, I'm weary
and it can't be buried; not until I drop it
and I won't do that till I die, so I stay with my silly head in sky
still believe I can fly, though my wings have been clipped,
the caged bird sings, and I spit, it's the same thing, I admit,
and it seems, we all find beauty in sadness
I channel it well, that's the beauty of my madness